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Lake Malawi’s Unique and Endangered Fish Species

One of the richest biodiversity in Africa can be found in Lake Malawi, one of the African Great Lakes and [...]

Let’s End Domestic Wildlife Trade

No matter how strong the local management networks are, stopping illegal wildlife trade is an issue that should be tackled [...]

Tanzania Safari

Proud African Safaris (PAS) far exceeded my expectations and was the best experience of my life! Even before I booked [...]

Look no farther

There are many companies offering Safaris, and I have no doubt that most of them do a very good job, [...]

Tanzania Safari

Just finished our safari with Proud African Safaris and can only describe the experience as outstanding. Planning started a little [...]

Fighting Wildlife Crime, One Legislation at a Time

Wildlife crime is not an issue that should only concern Africa. The entire world must participate in fighting this intricate [...]

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