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8 Best Things to Do in Tanzania

For many people, traveling to Tanzania is a bucket list trip that comes after years of planning; planning your trip [...]

Wildlife Continues to Lose with Trophy Hunting

Ages ago, man began constructing weapons and hunting animals for one simple, justifiable reason: survival. At that time, there was [...]

Personal outstanding service, genuinely Tanzanian and just WOW everyday!

We had such a full, unique and wonderful experience it is hard to know where to start! PAS is Tanzanian [...]

Why use any other Safari company?

I got home yesterday and just had to rave about the Adam and the entire Proud African Safaris team! They [...]


This month we went to Tanzania and out trip was hosted by Proud African Safaris. Well if you have any [...]

The Serengeti: Tourism or Overtourism?

Tourism: it’s one of the biggest global industries, but could it be doing more harm than good at a certain [...]

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