Tanzania may not rank high on most people’s bucket list travel destinations, but Africa Geographic recently compiled some reasons that it, perhaps, should. 

This underrated area sits below most radars, so it isn’t inundated with tourists, but the beauty it houses certainly rivals more crowded destination. Here are 5 of the best reasons to make Tanzania travel plans sooner rather than later. 

1) The Unique Environment of Zanzibar

An archipelago in the Indian Ocean, these islands offer the full range of experiences expected from truly great destinations. Home to palaces, plantations, and truly stunning beaches, Zanzibar will delight any traveler in search of beauty and intrigue.

2) Mt. Kilimanjaro’s Majesty

One of the world’s most famed peaks, Kilimanjaro rises more than 19,000 feet above sea level at its highest point, making it a favorite climbing destination. Adventurers not so inclined to heights can still enjoy the natural beauty of the area Kilimanjaro National Park. 

3) Maasai Culture 

The Maasai are an ancient tribe that resides near the Serengeti. They are easily recognized by their colorful robes and eye-catching beaded jewelry. What’s more, many members of this tribe live in the same customs they have for centuries, offering visitors a perspective into days of old. 

4) Viewing The Wildebeest Migration

Recently named one of Africa’s Seven Natural Wonders, this migration takes place when thousands of Wildebeest migrate the Serengeti in pursuit of fresh grass to graze; they’re followed by Zebra and Gazelle in a spectacular annual parade.   

5) Unbelievable Wildlife 

African wildlife in unparalleled, and Tanzania is home to the largest concentration on the continent. From rare birds to elephants to rhinos, visiting Tanzanian wildlife will feel like stepping into another world. What’s more, visitors have the option of going on private safaris wherein they can observe this wildlife without an additional group. 

Any one of these reasons would be enough to warrant a trip, but the five combined make Tanzania an unmissable destination.