My family traveled to Tanzania to celebrate my uncles 60th birthday and while we all knew this was going to be a cool trip I don’t think we realized how life changing it would be. Proud African Safaris made this a truly unique, personalized and once in a lifetime experience that I know myself and family won’t forget.

A few of us arrived a few days early because we wanted to hike Kili. While we originally thought planning would be separate from Proud African Safaris, the PAS team went above and beyond to help us with our scheduling and accommodations. Not only did they pick us up from the airport and drive us to our air bnb (which they had visited a few months before to ensure it was safe for us) they hired guides for our hike and made nightly visits to our air bnb to ensure we had enough water, food, etc. Already 2 days into our trip Adam and Zubeda felt like family and made our welcome beyond warm and special.

After hiking Kili, we were reunited with the rest of our family for the safari part of our trip. We had the privilege of traveling two weeks with Adam, Zubeda, Prosper, and Baraza. The four of them were very personable, extremely knowledgeable and had so much pride for their country. While seeing all the animals/nature was amazing, and our accommodations were 5 Star plus, our trip was made because of these four guides who have now become a part of our family. They loved teaching us Swahili and sharing tons of cool facts about the animals and history of Tanzania, but most of all quickly caught onto our family jokes and became one with the group. Leaving Tanzania was hard and I cried having to say goodbye to these warm-hearted folks.

While my whole family thought this would be a one time trip, after traveling with PAS we want this to become a reoccurring trip that we can share with our friends and family. It truly is a trip beyond a lifetime both for the beauty of Tanzania and the people who live there. If Tanzania wasn’t on your bucket list before it now should be and there is only one company you can travel with – PAS!

Looking forward to the next time we all meet again! Much love – Melanie