Been lucky enough to take my family on vacations from camping to Mediterranean Luxury Cruise to Austrian and Utah 5 star Ski and Spa resorts, to the Caribbean and Maui and nothing can compare to the level of flexibility, customization, and direct attention that Proud African Safaris provided on a recent 2019 New Years Safari.

From the initial booking expertise in planning and customizing the Safari locations with Nandi, to the perfectly executed pick up and greeting, along with in country lodging coordination, Zubeda provided, to Adam’s expert, passionate, educational and most importantly,
inspirational, knowledge of the areas we traveled through were all delivered beyond expectation and satisfaction.

I cannot imagine a better team to partner with than Proud African Safaris for a family trip. It was truly life changing and we all very much appreciate the efforts and professionalism that PAS provided.

Simply stated, if you’re planing a Safari anywhere in Africa, call and speak with PAS to see the difference in what they provide to you and your family.