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July 2019

Protecting The African Cheetah: What’s Their Current State?

Like many of Africa’s most stunning big cats, the African Cheetah has been threatened by years of surreptitious hunting for [...]

Empowering the Women of Tanzania

Offering quality education to everyone is one of the most important humanitarian efforts in the world, particularly in regions where [...]

Dar Es Salaam: The Paris of East Africa

Founded in 1865, Dar Es Salaam translates to “home of peace”. Tanzania hopes to soon begin sharing this slice of [...]

June 2019

Securing the Future of Giraffes in the Wild

Securing a future for the animal species on Earth that face consistently declining numbers is imperative. Giraffe are no exception [...]

The Mega-Dam that Could Erase Tanzania’s Financial and Environmental Progress

The Serengeti mega-dam is set to send Tanzania into a state of bankruptcy. For decades, expansion on the vast openness [...]

The Unsettling Truth Behind the Scenes of Wildlife Tourism

In a world where people are willing to die for a good selfie, social media (namely Instagram) has done nothing [...]

Tanzania to Ban All External Entry of Plastic

The Tanzania environment will benefit from recent plastic bans enforced by the government effective immediately. Back in the summer of [...]

May 2019

Africa’s Protected Areas Lack Sufficient Funds for Lions

Poaching doesn’t end with elephants, and with guided big game hunts on the rise, experts are finding that protected areas [...]

Impacts of a Highway Across the Serengeti

It would seem that the detrimental effects of a highway across the Serengeti would be obvious, but this is actually [...]

Mt. Kilimanjaro to Introduce Cable Car, Despite Protests

With the sheer intention to accelerate tourism, a cable car is on it’s way to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. [...]

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