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June 2019

Tanzania to Ban All External Entry of Plastic

The Tanzania environment will benefit from recent plastic bans enforced by the government effective immediately. Back in the summer of [...]

May 2019

Africa’s Protected Areas Lack Sufficient Funds for Lions

Poaching doesn’t end with elephants, and with guided big game hunts on the rise, experts are finding that protected areas [...]

Impacts of a Highway Across the Serengeti

It would seem that the detrimental effects of a highway across the Serengeti would be obvious, but this is actually [...]

Mt. Kilimanjaro to Introduce Cable Car, Despite Protests

With the sheer intention to accelerate tourism, a cable car is on it’s way to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. [...]

Some Countries Are Taking Action Against Threat of Ivory Trade

As the threat of ivory trade continues to deploy poachers into some of the most protected lands on planet Earth, [...]

Why Human Population Growth Poses a Detrimental Threat to African Ecosystems

The constant encroaching of humans on wildlife is beginning to take its toll in the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. Recent studies have [...]

April 2019

Wild Mountain Gorilla Numbers Grow To Over 1,000

The wild mountain gorilla is one of the most critically-endangered species in the world, living only in a chain of [...]

The Hazda Grandmother Theory Represents Deep Family Roots In Tanzania

The Hazda Grandmother Theory, also known as the Grandmother Hypothesis, states that grandmothers are actually responsible for the evolution of [...]

Mara River Dam Proposals Promise Nothing But Destruction To The Serengeti Ecosystem

Proposed Kenya dams are certain to wreak havoc on the fragile ecosystem of Eastern Africa. While it seems that the [...]

How the Frankfurt Zoological Society Works to Protect the Serengeti

The Serengeti plains have sparkled awe and fascination in millions of wildlife lovers and those passionate about the conservation of [...]

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