Project Description

Tanzania Private Luxury Safaris
Exclusivity, discretion, and a “road-less-traveled” philosophy

Our private luxury Tanzania safaris are custom tailored to create a highly personalized and uniquely memorable experiences for every individual. “Private” means you’ll have exclusive access to a 4WD safari vehicle and the private services of an expert Naturalist guide who will lead you to see some of the most magnificent animals in Africa, and in concentrations that that exceed anywhere else on the content.

A Tanzania private safari allows you to avoid restrictions dictated by scheduled group tours. Ultimately, each day you decide how long to game-drive and what animal encounters to pursue!

Tanzania Private Luxury Accommodations

When the day is done you’ll return from your Tanzania safari and enjoy luxurious accommodations. Here your experience will continue with fine gourmet dining or authentic home-cooked African cuisine. You’ll truly feel the warm hospitality and enjoy the culture of the Tanzanian people.