Founded in 1865, Dar Es Salaam translates to “home of peace”. Tanzania hopes to soon begin sharing this slice of peace with many more tourists. In fact, it has set its sights on making the city parallel to one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations. Tanzanian officials recently embarked on a journey to turn Dar Es Salaam into a tourist hotspot, much like the revered French capital city of Paris. 

Tanzanian Association of Tourism Operations (TATO) Vice President Henry Kimambo considers Dar Es Salaam a sleeping giant of untapped tourism due to its abundant natural attractions as well as its colorful culture. Dar Es Salaam features a vibrant potpourri of galleries, museums, and monuments as well as architecture that pays homage to traditional Tanzania.

Unlike in Paris, Dar Es Salaam will provide tourists with a view of traditional tribal lifestyles at its open-air museum, where recreations of tribal homes and dances are on display. 

This taste of history dovetails nicely with other historical nods, including architecturally stunning churches, Kunduchi ruins, and Askari monument. This is all to say there’s no shortage of visually intriguing and culturally significant destinations in Dar Es Salaam. 

Beyond these structures, the natural beauty of the city cannot be ignored. Within the city, the oldest botanical gardens offer a shady oasis from the hustle and bustle. At the coast line, a series of islands off the mainland create a marine reserve system, and area wildlife lends itself beautifully to luxury safaris

Though it may take some time and effort for Dar Es Salaam to reach its intended reputation as the Paris of East Africa, it’s clear that this city has all the makings of a wholly engaging tourist destination for anyone interested in both culture and natural beauty.