I was trying to think of the best way to talk about all the amazing parts of our trip and this wonderful company without just repeating all these other great reviews. So I decided to tell you why going with a PRIVATE tour is better then one of the luxury groups like Abercrombie and Kent. You must have already read about how knowledgeable and experienced Adam and his whole team are. There are most likely other guides that people love BUT they are NOT your own private tour guide. Let’s say for example you are on a high end tour with others. You decide that you have seen enough Zebras for one day. Or you want to keep going to look for the elusive Cheetah. But you can’t because you are in a group and the lady in the back of the vehicle loves Zebras.

With PAS you are in control. You make your schedule and work with Adam or his other amazing guides and decide your own destiny. Nobody else gets a vote except your family? Want to leave the lodge at 7:30 instead of 7? No worries- It’s your choice- you are the only family in the “group”.

From the pre-planning to dealing with scheduling snafus- to our flight being cancelled by Turkish air on the return trip… PAS was there all the way. In fact, after Adam dropped us at the airport at 4 am on our departure date we said our goodbyes. My family went to the ticket counter and after about 30 minutes of confusion we realized our connecting flight in Istanbul had been cancelled. While were were working this out we weren’t thinking about PAS. We were a bit panicked. I happened to look out the window and noticed Adam was standing there. He had “dropped us” over 30 minutes before but he didn’t leave. He wouldn’t leave because to him we are his guests. He was quietly standing outside making sure we made it through security ok. When we told him, though the airport glass what was going on he continued to WAIT! The sun isn’t even up and this man is standing outside for hours if that’s what it took to make sure we weren’t stranded. How amazing is that???

Don’t make a mistake. Proud African Safaris is the best there is.