Wise men have stated that education is the great equalizer—regardless of background, culture, or socioeconomic status, education makes everyone equal. This is precisely why it’s so exciting that new education in Tanzania is taking on new initiatives.

Tanzania has begun work on adopting its Education Sector Plan (ESP). This plan is the result of long-term collaboration between a number of government offices and civil society. For the first time in Tanzania, the plan has provided a framework with which all agencies must conform.

The key tenets of ESP are:

● Tanzania will provide 12 years of compulsory education for free to all of its citizens, so no one is left behind due to an inability to pay the schooling fees.

● By 2025, technical and vocational training will have expanded progressively to the point that Tanzania has an educated workforce capable of making it a semi-industrialized middle-income country at that time.

Tanzania first began implementing fee-free schooling for basic education in 2016. Since that time, enrollment has increased drastically and steadily, while the number of children out of school has decreased significantly.

Even more striking, since ESP first began rolling out several years ago, survival rates have dramatically increased. All of this spells success in Tanzania’s future, something that comes as a great comfort for those who take pride in the country’s heritage but are also eager to watch it progress.

Education in Tanzania becoming commonplace means a more capable workforce, which will allow reputable businesses to provide more comprehensive services that honor the region and its people.

What’s more, the rising tourism market in Tanzania will assist in further advancing the free basic education efforts that the country has already implemented by invigorating the economy. No matter how you look at it, the implementation of free education in Tanzania translates to a bright future on the horizon.