It is estimated that nearly half of the 50 million residents of Tanzania do not have regular and safe access to basic foods.

Although the country is ranked as a self-sufficient nation, meaning it grows nearly all the food it’s population would need to survive, the grips of poverty make the transition of farm to table nearly impossible for many.

While Tanzania is improving economically thanks to telecom and technology improvements, there are still millions who go hungry on a daily basis.

However, thanks to the efforts of Feed the Children, that number is being lowered every day through various school-based programs aimed at creating income and providing more access to the agriculture in the country.

Dairy cow farming, poultry keeping, and beekeeping top the list of income generating activities that this organization has created in attempts to raise as many children and families from poverty as they can.

Building from the education-based programs, Feed the Children has also worked vigorously with community leaders and donors from abroad to create Village Savings and Loans groups to spread the model they’ve created. They hope to extend these income generators out into the communities and to empower the locals to start similar businesses of their own.

In a region where formal banks may not be an option, more than 1000 caregivers have pledged participation, offering loans and a save place to save money for budding entrepreneurs.

To make sure this money is put to good use, these VSL groups have also dedicated their time and energy to education on financial management, marketing strategies, and small business start up processes.

The program currently focuses on children and women throughout schools in Tanzania, with hopes of extending it to the entire population in the future.

With further support, Feed the Children may be able to establish a working, sustainable method of ending hunger and eliminating poverty in the third world nations around the globe. Get in touch with us by calling 614-563-3579 and learn about what you can do to help Feed the Children!