Even though Tanzania is full of wildlife explorations and the beautiful, natural landscape that includes Kilimanjaro, for those who want to bring home a piece of the country, Arusha has an amazing assortment of shopping venues.

These five hotspots are attractions for locals and visitors alike and are sure to have something for every picky shopper. Here’s where those in the know hang their handbags.


Serving both a niche market and good cause, this social enterprise sells handmade crafts from local Tanzanians. With an expansive range of wine glasses and colored drinking glasses as well as woven cotton shawls, placemats and metal arts, Shanga has the souvenir for the artsy crowds.


If you’re craving a taste of the local staple foods, a visit to Gohil’s is a must. Stocked with everyday essentials such as peanuts, cashews, honey, dried fruits, and spices such as turmeric, char masala, and clove powder, you can find whatever your taste buds desire here.

Sidai Designs

Keeping with local artisans, Sidai employs the work of over 100 Masai women throughout the countryside to stock its glimmering shelves. While most of their work heavily incorporates beads, the designs range from the small and fragile to the big and bold. For a chance to meet these artists, stop by on Market Tuesday, where they will be displaying their works on the lawn outside of the boutique.

Burka Coffee Estates

Just beyond the bustling downtown markets is a sprawling 1200-acre estate, home to Burka Coffee. For $35, you can take a tour of the estates and the roasting facility as well as a tasting of their Arabica blended roasts, featuring its signature house bold.

Schwari Collectibles

Finishing out our destination shopping trip is this eccentric, bungalow-based home goods store. Dealing in everything from cowhide lampshades to bright, pattern adorned wooden footstools, this swiss born businesswoman is turning heads with her eclectic assortment of décor and clothing.

A trip to Arusha just isn’t complete without a visit to the incredible landmarks on this list. Brimming with local culture and crafts, these are the places to go for those wanting to take a piece of the Tanzanian people home with them. Does this sound interesting to you? Check out all of our other Tanzania destinations.