We decided to go on a Safari as a “last minute plan” in April for an early June 2019 trip.

Somewhere during the internet search I came across Proud African Safaris. Got a quick response from Nandi who arranged everything and got back to us very quickly.

We wanted a Luxury Safari with the LandCruiser being just the driver and my wife and I. We wanted luxury accomodations. She set everything up very quickly and in great detail with every step clearly laid out. I am a pretty organized person and really appreciated her attention to detail!

The first day was a “down” day which we wanted to spend in Arusha.

The following day we embarked on the start of the Safari with our driver, Ephraim. We were lucky to have him. The guy is a Masai, speaks fluent English, is very kind hearted, drives very well (not like some maniacs we saw on the road), is very understanding and the best part – knows how to find the animals. The next 4 days we spent with him and at the luxury hotels that Nandi booked for us were some of the most amazing days of our lives. To say that we really enjoyed the trip was an understatement. I had brought along some good camera gear with a good telephoto lens and that was the best thing to have on hand. Took some incredible pictures. Please don’t go on a Safari with a cell phone to take selfies (about 80% of the people we saw were using cell phones as a camera). Take some good camera gear.

We saw just about everything you would see on National Geographic except it was, at times, a few feet away! Ephraim did not need a radio – he just knew where to find the animals from tons of lions to elephant herds. We even got to see the Widerbeest migration that came early this year!

Nandi lives in USA and she is great to work with. Zubeda, the person on ground in Arusha, was fantastic as well.

Our next Safari will be with Proud African Safaris – without question!