One of Africa’s unique destinations is Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest free standing mountain in the world and the highest peak of the continent. You can always see its silhouette in the iconic sceneries of Serengeti, Tsavo or Arusha National Parks, like a painting in the background.

Hiking to alpine heights in Africa is surely a one of a kind experience. Specifically, Mt. Kilimanjaro… let’s just say this might impress you! If you want to reach the summit and climb all the way to 5895 meters altitude, then you need to plan and prepare properly. The good news is that Kilimanjaro requires no actual mountain climbing expertise because you can walk all the way to the top. Still, only about 50% of the people who try to reach the summit manage to get there.

Here is what you need to do to be part of that 50%.


First of all, you need to get to Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro is located in the north of the country, near the Kenyan border.

Check what you need to enter the country, as it depends on your place of origin. You might need a Visa, and a few medical shots. Proud African Safaris can help you figure all of the details out and ease the stress of planning your trip.


Depending on what tour operator you choose, you will need to get all necessary equipment before embarking on this journey. We recommend thoroughly checking out all tours before making a decision. Many travelers will go for the cheapest tour operators; ensure this is the right choice for you, and look out for high hidden costs and risks that could be associated with this choice. At the very least, prepare for this intense trekking with at least the basic mountain equipment.

Fitness Levels

Even if reaching the Kilimanjaro summit does not require actual climbing, you still need to have decent fitness levels to make it. But fitness is not everything you need for conquering Kili. Most people who don’t make it to the end are beaten by the altitude sickness. This can be prepared for, by spending actual time at high altitudes or using a simulator mask before the trek. Most importantly, taking your time and choosing the route that fits your skill level might be the difference between which group of 50% you end up a part of.

Believe, and Hydrate!

In the end, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro takes determination and a little investment, but if you BELIEVE (and hydrate), it will all be worth it. Proud African Safaris only wants the best for its clients. We structure your trip unique to you; this is one of the reasons that our clients have a 98% success rate when climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Are you interested in taking on the beautiful challenge? We don’t blame you. Learn more about this hike here.