Traveling to East Africa, in the past, has usually involved one or more multi-hour layovers, particularly if you’re flying from the United States. Extended stops in London, Amsterdam, and other such places are quite common. These may sound like entertaining spots for a few hours of relaxation, but it makes traveling to East Africa a multi day expedition.

Not anymore.

On October 29, 2018, the first ever non-stop direct flight from New York to Kenya took off from JFK International Airport. Kenya Airways Flight 033 departed at 1:30 pm – and offered non-stop service to Nairobi. The plane landed in just under 13 hours, well ahead of its 14-hour intended travel time – and hours ahead of the 20+ hour journey usually required to reach Nairobi from America.

This new flight opens up a number of opportunities – not just for Kenya, but for other East African nations, as well. The flight arrives early in the morning at 10:30 am, making it easy for passengers to make connections to nearby airports, such as Dar Es Salaam or Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania, Entebbe in Uganda and Kigali in Rwanda. Because the flight is non-stop, these flights are much more convenient and bearable than they would otherwise be – at the tail-end of an already day-long sojourn.

This direct flight is sure to boost tourism and trade in East Africa. Passengers from all around the US will be able to take a short flight to JFK, make their connection, and arrive in Africa in nearly half the time that it previously took. From investors and business travelers making investments in the area, to curious tourists who want to explore Kenya, Tanzania, and the rest of East Africa’s beautiful scenery and game parks, everyone will be able to benefit from this new, direct flight.

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