We had such a full, unique and wonderful experience it is hard to know where to start! PAS is Tanzanian owned and a very personal, unique and customizable safari service that is just superb. The trip was a WOW everyday! From the beginning with pre trip planning, Nandi takes time to understand how you like to travel and what you want out of your trip. She responds quickly and personably–by the time you are done, you feel like she is a good friend and she is just the first of the whole PAS team that you learn to love and respect. Before your trip you are super well informed about what to take and how to prepare. Zubeda director of operations and Adam, owner and guide greeted us and sat with us to orient us in a very warm and hospitable way, as if we were all family sitting around a table drinking tea. We saw Zubeda at the end as well and our only wish is that we had allocated more time with her in Arusha–she is a gem to talk to. You will learn that they care deeply about the wildlife and the people of Tanzania and give back to their community in many touching humble ways.

Our guides Adam and Prosper whisked our group of 11 off to the bush visiting Tarangire, Lake Manyara and the Serengeti with each day seemingly more exciting than the last! Adam and Prosper have to be the best guides in the country–they knew all manner of things about the behavior and life of the animals, about the parks, the people. I don’t think we ever found a question Adam couldn’t answer. They had eagle eyes and instinctively knew when something was going to happen before it did. We often waited while other jeeps left and were highly rewarded by, for example, cheetahs moving into a better view point or the progress of a hunt or witnessing the birth of a baby gazelle. Just awe inspiring. They went over the top for us making sure everything went smoothly at the lodges and during the drives. They were genteel and fun. They were genuinely as hospitable and as warm as anyone could be.

The itinerary was carefully planned to optimize wildlife viewing! We saw SO MANY animals! Beyond our wildest expectations.

The lodges they chose for us to stay at were top notch and also offered great hospitality and wonderful meals. We particularly liked the Siringit Serengeti and the Pioneer Camp in the Serengeti and the Plantation Lodge near the Ngorogoro Crater.

Overall a totally amazing experience I am now dreaming to repeat.