Proud African Safaris (PAS) far exceeded my expectations and was the best experience of my life!

Even before I booked this, Nandi spoke to me and answered questions, addressed concerns…that first conversation was the beginning of a very personal safari experience. There were several group chat conversations with our group while preparing which made us feel so comfortable. We were given checklists with timelines to prepare and information on everything you could think of! This is not your average Safari tour company! Their “boutique” style and customization enhanced the entire adventure.

Zubeda met us when we stepped off the plane in Kilimanjaro with such warmth and Adam was right there to help with whatever we needed.

ALL of the accommodations were top notch and the Tanzanian people were so warm and welcoming. The food was not what I expected…gourmet and delicious!!!! At times I felt like I was in a NYC restaurant!!!

All 3 of our guides were extremely knowledgeable, friendly, personable, fun, helpful, attentive and just as excited as we were when we were on our game drives. There was an accident on our trip and they handled it calmly and with respect, care and professionalism. They knew where to go and when and we saw things that I never expected to see…The animals were up close and personal and I never expected that. The guides could read when and when not to approach based on the animals’ behavior.

I felt like I was in a National Geographic movie! We saw the wildebeest migration twice, wild dogs (which was rare), hyenas, giraffes, hippos, and on and on…and my fav…so many elephants! Incredible!

This tour company is outstanding! I loved the “boutique” feeling as it was so customized and personal. This is not an easy vacation, but PAS made it easy!!! i would never go on Safari with any other company!