The Tanzania environment will benefit from recent plastic bans enforced by the government effective immediately. Back in the summer of 2016, Tanzanian manufacturers were given fair warning by the government to revolutionize product lines before the full enforcement of the plastics ban took place in early 2017.

In an effort to ensure a plastic free country, and riding on the coattails of the success the plastic bag ban has brought thus far, comes the external plastic bag ban. Adding additional protection to the Tanzania environment means that those traveling into the country, whether citizens or not, must leave all plastic bags behind.

In May of 2019, the government of Tanzania announced the external ban, asking travelers to check in at entry points to enforce the new law. Tanzania manufacturing companies cannot legally produce plastic bags, therefore banning their arrival into the country from external forces is simply a common sense measure.

It’s important to note that all plastic bags are no longer allowed to be sold, manufactured, exported, imported or supplied in Tanzania. There are no exceptions to the rule regarding the size or thickness of the bag. If it’s plastic, it’s prohibited.

Due to the popularity of plastic and the use of plastic bags, travelers must pack carefully and remain vigilant about following the rules of the ban. Officials are not taking the plastic ban lightly, and no one is exempt from confiscation of illegal materials at government checkpoints.

To best prepare, pack only in suitcases and waterproof reusable bags. As Tanzania takes yet another beautiful step to protect its environment, travelers adhering to the rules will further awareness, helping to turn the positive environmental narrative of one country into a global effort.

Not only can you enjoy an incredible safari in Tanzania, you can now do so in an environmentally friendly fashion.