Speaking for our group of 12, I want to say this was an absolutely fantastic trip which will be remembered by us all for the rest of our lives.   You put this together for us and we all thought it was a perfect itinerary…….and just the right length for us.   The camps were outstanding, each new one better than the last.   We think the way you started in Arusha and moved us out into the bush with a flight back to Arusha was the right direction.

We got to see all the animals on our list and the weather was perfect too.   Did you also arrange the weather for us??

You told me Adam & Sitta were knowledgeable safari guides but that was an understatement…….they knew every animal, bird, plant, dirt road & safari driver in the Serengeti.  We loved them both.

I have attached 2 photos for the PAS wall of fame of your satisfied clients.   The first picture is my wife & me next to the PAS jeep and the 2nd is our group all in our PAS tee shirts on the Mbalageti Lodge’s sun deck.

Repeating my earlier comment that we all LOVED the trip and felt it couldn’t have been better.

Patrick Fugeman & the 11 other trekkers; Marianne, Jordan, Kelsey, Mark A, Nancy, Rob, Kate, Mark C, Mariah, Morgan & Jackie.