Jim and I enjoyed the trip immensely!  It ranks in the top three of all the trips we’ve ever taken.  It actually all started with you, Nandi.  You were very good at getting the four of us to think about what our expectations were for the trip and then arranging for us to satisfy those expectations realistically.  The schedule kept us moving without feeling rushed and had flexibility when needed.  Our flights and pick-ups went off without a hitch, and your recommendation of Regal Wings helped a lot in that regard.  The tour was geared toward our comfort and the preliminary information you and the PAS staff provided in the loose-leaf binder, was on target and very helpful.

And, I must tell you that the pillows you provided for the truck were wonderful.  Initially, I was the only one using one, but, by the end I think at least three of us were.

Our accommodations were wonderful and the staff at every location couldn’t have been friendlier or more professional.  They provided all those great boxed lunches, personalized with “No bananas” for Jim.  We loved the greetings and goodbyes sung by the staff at some locations – sure makes you feel special!!  AND, the fantastic party you arranged for the four of us at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge for Terry and June’s marriage was a lovely, unexpected surprise that we enjoyed immensely.

Adam (who is very interesting to talk to) has put together a great staff .  Zubeda is a delight…..  very warm and friendly along with being organized and efficient.  She made our arrivals and departures move smoothly and, seemingly, effortlessly and was very good company during our outing to Arusha.  On our last day, she very generously gave June and I some colorful, local fabric and tried to show us how to wind it into a head-wrap and skirt.  In my case, she was dealing with a klutz.

And, Sitta………..  He was fantastic!  The amount of knowledge he had to impart was enormous, whether he was discussing plants, animals or Tanzanian geography or history.  He could spot wildlife at a great distance even while driving and was always alert to it.  He has an easygoing sense of humor and great patience waiting for us to get just the right picture.  The four of us agreed that Sitta was instrumental in making our trip the great experience that it was.
 We want to thank you all for a truly phenomenal trip! We’ve told a lot of our friends and acquaintances already about the trip and Proud African Safari’s part in making it so memorable.  One couple showed a lot of interest saying that was something they’d talked about doing for years, so perhaps we’ll be able to send them on to you.

And, thank you for the lovely book on the Serengeti you sent after we arrived home.  There are definitely a number of great pictures that we could never have gotten but that remind us of things we actually saw while in Tanzania.  It is a lovely memento.

If you ever would like us to speak to others who might be contemplating a trip, we’d be happy to talk to them and share our experiences.  (I’m so glad I spoke to that gentleman and Florida and opted not to let my back cancel the trip.)

Jim and Barbara