I have always wanted to experience the safari — in particular to witness a hunt and the Great Migration.

My friend recommended me Serengeti in Tanzania (and PAS) and I must say I got a lot more than what I hoped!  

The country is safe, peaceful and beautiful.  Everybody we interacted with are very friendly and our guides (Adam and Barasa) were awesome!

They were very patient, very knowledgeable and very hardworking.  They made sure we made full use of every minute of our game drives — tirelessly explaining and pointing out anything that is interesting and stopping by to make sure we capture the best of the safari.  It felt like a 12 days intensive Animal Planet excursion.  

Their hard work paid off.  We saw a hunt (5 cheetahs hunting a herd of impalas), a couple of attempted hunts (one of them was a pride of 13 lions and a lone buffalo) and multiple crossings of thousands of wildebeests!  That was not all.. we managed to experience the beauty and tranquility of the safari itself.  Being so close to nature in the vast and beautiful landscapes watching the animals was just liberating (as you can tell we are city dwellers).

It was truly an experience of a lifetime.  One of my best trips ever.  We were a group of 8 and each of us enjoyed the trip tremendously.  If you are thinking of going on a safari holiday, I highly recommend Tanzania and you have to go with PAS.

You will be thankful you did.  The entire team is awesome.  Thank you PAS!