Prior to going fly-fishing for Tanzanian Tigerfish during the first week of November of 2013, my travel companion and I arranged a Custom Driving Safari with Proud African Safaris for one week at the end of October. The safari was truly amazing and beyond our expectations.  This was our second time in Africa so we had another experience to reference and compare to this trip.  Our safari guide, Seeta (who I affectionately nicknamed “Seeta The Cheetah”, was previously employed by the Tanzanian Ecology Department for approximately 15 years.  He knew both the scientific names and English names of every bird and animal we encountered.  Seeta also know where to find the animals and the action and, what was even more impressive, he knew what the animals were going to do before they did it.  We saw, up close, leopards dangling from trees, leopards with kills, lions with kills, hyenas with kills, cheetahs sitting atop big rocks, black rhinos, numerous varieties of herbivores including giraffes, elephants, zebras and numerous varieties of antelope. We saw lizards and birds and visited the Masai warriors where they lived. We even got to see a big crocodile eating a dead wildebeest.  The PAS team in Tanzania was not only more than accommodating, they were enthusiastic and knowledgeable, possessing a great sense of humor and spirit, patience with teaching Swahili, and exhibited many other talents. I felt like I was among family throughout the whole trip.  The conservation work that PAS does in Tanzania is certainly commendable and important, but the team of people they have gathered to show us the riches of their country speaks volumes about PAS’s spirit and values. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of something so grand.  I will come back again and refer many others.