Hi Nandi, it was the most wonderful trip I have ever taken. Adam, Robert and Zubeda are the most wonderful and caring people I have ever met. I will be forever changed by this experience. Anything I can do to promote your company please let me know. I have a ton of pictures of every Animal on the planet if you need pics, we saw the migration 3 times in 3 days, leopards rhinos everything. Adam is the most amazing guide, driver, and a wonderful person. He was so caring especially with Jean who had a little trouble getting in the truck. I am pretty sure he would throw himself in front of a lion for us.

We have so many fun stories. Jean became a Masai princess, we had lunch with hippos in the background, Adam swore that before I left the village I would have a milk and blood milkshake. Told him the blood no problem but I was lactose intolerant and that would be a problem. He has a dry sense of humor like me and he was a constant source of huge smiles. He was calling me the animal whisperer because we saw everything so many times. Animals would stop and pose. He is so proud of his country and his culture. One of my favorite moments was when we drove up to the Lemala Camp E-Wanjan and there was a family of elephants waiting for us. The camps, what can I say? Going to sleep with lions, wildebeest, elephants, hyenas, buffalo just hanging out. I had to download African animal sounds to sleep without withdrawal.

The camps are an experience you have to do. We had wonderful thunder storms with lightning a few nights, rain on a tent. The weather was gorgeous. Everything was green, the animals fat and healthy and very active. Coming from Alaska it was perfect, 50-60 at night.

Loved the Lake Duluti Lodge, gorgeous place. Wonderful staff great service. Anyway Nandi it was wonderful. We cried when we left. You can’t possibly visit Tanzania and not leave Changed for the better. It is so much more than just a safari. I just can’t thank you enough. This was the perfect time to go.