I couldn’t recommend using Proud African Safaris enough!! The amount of creativity, customization and personal attention they gave to us is unsurpassed in our extensive world travel experiences. The concern for detail and their customers happiness and satisfaction provides their company with a foundation of success that is seldom found in the travel industry!

We have been on safari in Tanzania 2 times with Proud African Safaris. Both trips have been within the last 2 years!! For our family, the following aspects have been consistent:

Unsurpassed Personal Attention

1)As a strict vegetarian, Nandi made prior arrangements for all of my meal requirements to be met during our entire trip. (2)My father in law arrived 1 day prior to the rest of the party’s arrival into Arusha. Arrangements were made for him to be picked up from the airport and transported to the hotel where the remainder of the party would be staying prior to our departure for the safari. During that time, the Operations Director for PAS (a fabulous woman, named Zubeda, who is focused on nothing but your happiness and satisfaction) ushered him around the city of Arusha to view the sites.

Amazing Safari Sightings

On both of our safaris, our groups required the use of two separate custom-stretched Land Rover vehicles. On numerous occasions, our guides’ Adam and Robert’s due diligence paid off in our experiencing sightings that other safari companies in the area had missed out on. For example, Adam and Robert had spotted 2 male cheetahs “ resting” in an area of land which happened to be quite a distance from a herd of gazelles. While many other safari trucks had stopped to simply look at the cheetahs, none of them would be witnessing the breath taking “circle of life” experience that we were so very fortunate to view. At Adam and Robert’s insistence, and with some patience on our behalf, we watched a successful hunt (or “kill”) in the wild. In another similar situation, Adam had spotted a single female cheetah who was simply “sitting” near a single tree and some underbrush. While other safari trucks stopped briefly for a picture, Adam suggested that this cheetah was guarding her babies. After all of these other safari jeeps had left (and we had stayed!!!), the mother cheetah went to check on her 10 day old babies. Adam pulled  the truck up close enough so that we were able to see the babies in the “nest” (with the help of binoculars), take pictures of the babies and mom and most importantly, we did not provoke the mother.

Advantageous Points of the Locality of PAS

During both of our trips to Tanzania, both of our groups included people coming into Arusha from various parts of the world at different times. While Zubeda and 2 PAS drivers personally  took care of all of the transportation requirements, those of us who had arrived earlier were relaxing at a hotel where all of our needs and requirements were taken care of by PAS staff. Joining the group together was a seamless process!

During both arrivals into the Arusha airport, we witnessed huge lines for incoming travelers waiting to get their visas processed. It was a huge benefit that Zubeda was able to expedite the visa and customs process thus avoiding our waiting in the long line!

Customized Arrangements for Our Parties

For our first safari, we requested to stay at lodges throughout our stay in Tanzania. Every lodge was beautiful, clean, and the service for each lodge was impeccable. With a totally different group for our second safari, we wanted to experience stays at a “semi-permanent” tented lodge for the first half of our safari and then a return to the luxury tented facilities for the latter half of our safari. This experience was fabulous!! Two different customized approaches to our experience… both arranged by Proud African Safaris!