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Testimonial and Photos Shared from Jen & Troy Parsons of Northbend, WA

Where to even start?  My husband and I and our 17 year old nephew used PAS for our Tanzanian safari [...]

Testimonial and Photos Shared from Peterson Pierre & Family of Newbury Park, CA

My safari with Proud African Safaris exceeded my expectations!  The pickup at the airport, the speedy visa process (while everyone [...]

Testimonial & Photos Shared from Bruce Nothmann of Napa, CA

From December 27th to January 7th my wife and I and our two grandchildren  (ages 10 and 13) were on [...]

Testimonial from Edward Stein of Northbrook, IL

Prior to going fly-fishing for Tanzanian Tigerfish during the first week of November of 2013, my travel companion and I [...]

Testimonial from Dr. Michael Fields of Wilmette, IL

My friend Ed and I recently took a Proud African Safari 10/24-11/1/2013.The trip was an amazing experience conducted by very [...]

Quote & Photos Shared from Madeline Chen on Behalf of Stephanie & Georgina Lee of Singapore

On behalf of Georgina and Stefanie, I would like to thank you for the awesome service provided throughout the trip. [...]

Testimonial & Photos Shared from Julian W. of Singapore

It was another great trip with Proud African Safaris!  As a professional photographer, I had a totally different set of [...]

Testimonial from Roslyn Westbrook of NSW Australia

I can't thank you and PAS enough for organising the experience of a lifetime! We had a fabulous time and [...]

Testimonial from Daniel & Pauline Lysaght from NSW Australia

We cannot adequately express how much we loved our safari. It was an experience of a lifetime and Pauline and [...]

Testimonial & Photos Shared from Rita Jagoditz of Norwood, Ohio

That old saying of "It's better the second time around" is true. I just returned from my second trip with [...]

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