There are few statistics that paint a clearer picture than these;

  • Since 1970, human activity has eliminated more than half of the world’s species.
  • The sixth mass extinction is happening now.
  • 87% of global wetlands are now gone.
  • The number one cause for animal extinction is habitat loss.
  • The greatest loss has been in freshwater habitats, which lose 4% of their vertebrate species each year.
  • The global population of giraffes has declined by 40% in the last 30 years.

When confronted with numbers like this, people often react by saying, “It’s awful but what can I do about it?” The realities of daily life make a single person feel powerless to make a difference. The truth is, a person devoting a little time and effort can do much more than they think.

Endangered Species

Giraffe protection is a great place where they can make a difference. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has raised an alarm for the threatened status of giraffes. Their Red List update for 2018 has listed two giraffe subspecies as “critically endangered.” Others range from “threatened” to “endangered.” Giraffe protection takes resources and dedicated individuals who could use help.

The danger has been identified and the call for action made. One of the most effective tools for species conservation has been the Endangered Species Act. Listing these giraffe species under this act would be a good step towards their conservation. Grassroots organizing includes letters to representatives and other policy makers that a single person can easily write. Corresponding with corporate interests that threaten habitats for the giraffe is another viable option to further conservation efforts.

Right now groups like Environmental Action are working to create petitions, raise awareness and fight the poachers supplying the black market with giraffe hides and body parts. The poaching and trade of these animals is negating conservation efforts. The Giraffe Conservation Foundation is the only NGO working exclusively for conservation of these uniquely beautiful animals.

A single person can do more than they think to help giraffe protection efforts. The priceless excitement in a child’s eyes when they see a real giraffe for the first time doesn’t have to be a memory from the past. Helping to protect that experience for future generations to take a trip to Eastern Africa is time well spent. Visit our website for a look at some amazing opportunities to travel to see these beautiful animals for yourself.