The Serengeti mega-dam is set to send Tanzania into a state of bankruptcy. For decades, expansion on the vast openness that is the Serengeti has been pushed back due to disapproval of citizens and government figures alike. Until now.

The construction of the dam itself, though it holds great potential for hydro-power, could destroy what is left of Africa’s last great wilderness. Those who voice opposition face certain jail time, and it seems inevitable that the dam will be completed in the early 2020’s.

Financial Failure for Tanzania

Like most things of this nature, the movement to construct the dam is highly political, perhaps a move that is based in grandiosity as opposed to reality. While the Tanzanian government insists that Tanzania has the funding to pay for the construction of the dam, critics believe that there is no way that’s true.

As rumors of money pouring in from China begin to swirl, it remains to be seen exactly how much of the dam Tanzania will be responsible for financially. The country faces almost certain bankruptcy by funding the dam, as well as money lost from a drop in tourism as machinery ravages the land and waters of the Serengeti.

Environmental Ruin

Tanzania has been making great progress toward environmental awareness. The banning of external and internal plastic bag use is a fantastic step toward setting an example globally. However, the destruction of the Serengeti for reasons that don’t hold enough weight to justify the consequences seems backwards.

Migration patterns will falter. Wildlife is certain to die off in mass numbers as their major water source is compromised. The potential devastating ruin of the Serengeti is something that would fill history books from damaging many aspects of life in Tanzania.