Tanzania is no stranger to national parks. They are the main reason why tourism in the country is booming. But apart from being a popular spot to visit, national parks also help preserve the wildlife and ecosystem of the place.

And the new Burigi-Chato National Park aims to do just that.

The Park’s Intended Impact

The Burigi-Chato National Park is the third largest wildlife sanctuary in Tanzania. Previously a game reserve, Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli made it known to the public he was planning on changing its status in an effort to boost tourism in the area, and take advantage of the Chato Airport that would facilitate visitors to access the area. 

Ibanda-Kyerwa and Rumanyika-Karagwe were also recently declared national parks, bringing the total number of these reservations in Tanzania to 19. Chato has a rich wildlife, being a natural home for elephants, buffalos, lions, giraffes, gorillas, leopards, and other animals. But it’s not just the wildlife who could potentially be impacted by this decision. All the creatures located here are protected, which means even the tourists entering have to be careful not to disrupt the natural order.

 The local community of Chato could also see some economic growth. Tanzanian officials also state they would encourage investors to come into Chato. If it will become a tourist hotspot, it’s possible the local community will see some positive changes. Officials have also invested in massive improvements in road development, and also plan on developing a stadium locally, in an effort to increase Chato’s appeal.

Visit Burigi-Chato National Park Now

Visiting Africa’s wildlife is an experience like no other, and Tanzania is a very popular place where you can discover the secrets of the savanna. Contact us now to find out how you can plan a visit to Burigi-Chato National Park.