And oh, what other wildlife we saw! We identified, and have photos of, three dozen species of beasts and nearly four dozen species of birds. Everyone talks about the Big 5, and we saw all but the rhino. But we unexpectedly encountered something better: a startled pair of aardvarks, who bounded away for cover too fast to photograph, though we all got a good look. Adam said that in 20 years, it was only the second time he’s seen these nocturnal, crazy-looking creatures. We can truly say our list included animals from A to Z.

Our small group ranged from a vegetarian to a 13-year old, to a couple in their mid-80’s with a walker, and our diverse needs were catered to seamlessly. Nandi was helpful and responsive with our planning, addressing all our concerns and allaying any fears, and we found her true to her word in every way.

We found Adam to be remarkably knowledgeable— and patient. No matter what question we asked about wildlife or culture or history, he knew the answer. It was uncanny how he could spot and identify game that we couldn’t even see. Many drivers with other tour companies share sightings and locations over the phone, but Adam avoids that, to keep his skills sharp.

Our 2018 trip with Proud African Safaris started as the trip of a lifetime, but by the second day, we were already talking about a next visit to Tanzania. Adam and Zubeda looked after us warmly and thoughtfully throughout our trip. Our lodgings were memorably first-class and travelling with Adam, an owner of PAS, made us feel less like outsiders and more like welcomed guests.